Founded in 2007, Intellibind provides a comprehensive, one-stop resource for services, tools, and training to sustainably meet all NERC Compliance requirements for the Reliability Standards. Intellibind has the extensive expertise to remove the burdens of compliance and allow organizations to concentrate on operations while maintaining ongoing compliance. Even our company name stems from a core capability; we "INTELLIgently BIND" your operations and compliance activities into an integrated whole. To go along with that expertise, we have actual field experience giving us, as one utility put it, "The best references in the industry."

Intellibind's Reliability Compliance Office Service helps organizations make the transition from simply managing for compliance to delivering measurable and sustainable results throughout the organization. The compliance needs of a large public power utility, an investor owned utility, a wind farm or a cogeneration facility are not the same. Intellibind has developed specific programs to address the needs of clients based on their type of organization.

We provide project services for point in time needs such as assessments, procedure writing, and training, as well as managed services where your organization outsources a compliance or security related function to Intellibind.

Key Staff

Bill Addington - CEO
Bill founded Intellibind with the goal of making the process of meeting regulatory requirements more efficient while decreasing risk to the organization. He has nearly 30 years history in building intelligent systems, including over 20 with a focus on cyber security, and has been a pioneer in the IT management and cyber security fields. He was the winner of the University of Houston's "Future 500" business award. For a more complete profile, see Bill Addington on LinkedIn.

Kevin Conway - Executive Vice President of Operations
Kevin came to Intellibind from NERC where he was a reliability auditor. He has over 25 years in the electric power industry. Kevin has served on a number of standards committees for NERC, WECC and the Northwest Power Pool and is currently a member of the NERC Operating Committee. Kevin's LinkedIn Profile is here: Kevin Conway on LinkedIn